Landscape Foundation India’s mission is to disseminate knowledge regarding landscape architecture. The core objective of the Foundation is to augment systems to mitigate climate change, conserve natural resources, and educate the society about historical practices of sustainable living in the Indian subcontinent.


The Landscape Foundation, India, identifies landscape architecture as an ecological field of theory and practice having strong spatial, functional, socio-cultural, technological, and aesthetic dimensions. The closeness of landscape architecture to nature makes it one of the most critical bearers of a vision for dealing with the environmental issues especially in context of climate change. Landscape architecture acquires more significance and responsibility in a country like India with a tradition of over five millennia that is deeply rooted in nature. At present, the Indian subcontinent is grappling with many environmental issues in rural and urban realms. Conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and restoration of disturbed natural processes thus become the core agenda for the practice of landscape architecture. In this context, the Landscape Foundation, India will disseminate knowledge about landscape architecture in terms of underlying environmental and ecological processes.

The Foundation's social agenda explores models of engagement with all segments of society for addressing environmental needs, discerning meanings of landscape, and disseminating knowledge about the subject. The Foundation devotes special attention to students and professionals in landscape architecture and allied fields of environmental design. It carries out its works in various formats, including seminars, lectures, workshops, competitions, films, exhibitions, documentation, books, and digital media. The Foundation’s overarching vision is to deepen awareness of nature–its symbiotic relationship with culture, its conservation and restoration, its aesthetic and philosophical dimensions for a better and more imaginative future for all species and their habitats.